I'm recommending this clinic especially Dr. Tynes. She helped us so much because after few months I'm pregnant. Thank you so much for your help.

S. Tomsova 

October 2018

After two acupuncture treatments and starting the herbs, for the first time in years I experienced no pain with my menstrual cycle. I'm hoping to get pregnant soon. 

S. Tomsova

July 2018

A wonderful place for woman who are having a hard time. Go in and tour facility you will love it. Wonderful to finally have all they have to offer under one roof.

M. St. Claire

April 5, 2018

After touring Hope Fertility I knew it would serve as a place of healing and hope for many families. Koreen Baker is herself a beacon of light, hope and health and will immediately make you feel welcome at her center. Her holistic center will offer client centered and natural offerings for infertility issues. Come check it out soon!

J. Alvarado

February 26, 2018

Hope Fertility is a much needed resource for the fertility community. I'm so glad that there is finally a center that offers such comprehensive and healing care for those who want and need it.

C. Shuff

April 1, 2018

Timeliness, Offerings, Quality, Customer Service

Amazing and they treat you like family!

S. Montanez

March 29, 2018

I began working with Suzy West in April of 2014. Her holistic approach in using acupuncture is what drew me to work with Suzy. Over the years, we have worked on many chronic health issues that did not respond to "traditional" treatment - stress headaches, digestive issues, and muscle issues are a few. Suzy is totally focused on her patient, carefully listens to her history, and is fully engaged in the healing. She poses thoughtful questions to clarify all facets of the problem. Working with Suzy has impacted my life and health in a positive way. I have recommended consultations with Suzy to several people for a variety of ailments and would encourage anyone considering acupuncture to schedule an appointment with her.

G. Young-Monroe

March 13, 2018

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