Our holistic consultations is an essential key element used to help you achieve your wellness goal. We are not your typical cookie cutter wellness center. Due to our comprehensive and individualized care, we tailor your treatment specifically to your condition. Reproductive health is our specialty!


If you are on the fertility journey, a consultation with the doctor is a requirement before

you can have any form of treatment. We want you to be successful on your journey.


This eliminates you wasting your money on unnecessary treatments and not getting results. It is imperative that we assess and evaluate the western medical diagnosis first before we can incorporate a collaborative holistic approach to treating your specific condition. A consultation just like your first visit at the doctors office allows us to gather information from you such as medical reports, laboratory findings, review assessment forms with you, perform an exam, refer you for further testing, work alongside your primary care doctors treatment plan, and answer any questions that you may have before developing a treatment plan for you. This unique experience allows you to better understand your medical condition, the role of eastern and western medicine and how they work together to achieve your goal, and get you prepared for your holistic journey. 


Individual Consultation With Doctor - Virtual


Couples Consultation With Doctor - Virtual 

Individual Consultation With Nutritionist - Virtual

Email Consultation With Doctor


Second Opinion Consultation With Doctor - virtual